Water Leak Detection Cost EXPLAINED in 2021

So you believe you may have a leak in the house?

Not sure How much it can cost to find the cause & Location of the leak?

Let’s jump right in and look at everything you need to know about the factors affecting the leak detection service costs.

As well as what equipment & methods can be used to detect leaks in your house.

Factors Affecting Water Leak Detection Cost

There are numerous factors that influence the cost of locating a water leak however the most substantial being the location and type of service required.

Inexpensive Leaks to Find

Although frustrating, generally external leaks such as leaks from shower heads, sink faucets, worn calk and damaged seals are far easier to source.

Oftentimes this means it is far cheaper to locate.

This is due to the easy nature of access to the leak as well as the materials, tools and knowledge necessary to find these leaks.

Expensive Leaks to Find

Leaks that are located in more difficult to access areas such as foundations and walls understandably greatly increase the cost of locating the leak.

These leaks typically include burst pipes in walls, slab leaks, or major ceiling leaks.

The extra structural work necessary to gain access and detect these leaks is the reason for the additional cost.

Do you believe you have a water leak?

Read on to see the cost breakdown associated with detecting each type.

Cost Breakdown of Water Leak Detection

The average cost of locating a water leak is $280 however this is solely an average. Costs tend to vary greatly in accordance with what you may be dealing with.

Let’s look at the typical rates to find common household leaks.

Slab Leak Detection Cost

Depending on how challenging the leak is to find and where the slab leak is located you could be looking at a substantial bill.

On average underground water leak detection ranges from $150-$600.

This is due to the necessary work professionals must do to access the water lines beneath the foundation of your property to view the leak.

For example, the cost of main water line leak detection under slab foundations oftentimes requires substantial work which will inevitably add to the final cost.

Plumbing Leak Detection Cost

Expect to pay the minimum call out fee of $50-$100 for any minor plumbing leak detection issues as well as any additional repair costs for these jobs commonly range from $125-$350.

For more extensive plumbing leak detection jobs expect to pay $500-$800.

Ceiling Leak Detection

Leaks originating from the ceiling are never fun. Some tell tale signs this is what you have are mould spots, visual leaks running along the wall or puddles forming whenever the AC or shower is turned on in the room below.

Because professionals may have to cut into your walls to locate this leak expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $2500 for such detection services.

What Tests Can Be Performed to Detect a Leak

There a variety of tests that can be used to source a leak. Each one is suited to different tasks, let’s take a look at the most common ones below.

1.Smoke Testing

This test is used to find pipe leaks. The method involves pushing artificial smoke through the pipes to detect leaks, cracks and other defaults.

The estimated price for this service is between $475 and $2,000 greatly depending on the type and location of the leak.

2.Hydrostatic Water Testing

This test is used to check pipes and tanks for leaks. The vessel is pressurised by filling the pipes with water.

The pipes are then closely monitored for changes in the pressure condition present. If there is an alteration it’s a sure indication that the system is compromised and must be fixed.

Expect to pay anywhere in the range of $250-$500 for this service.


This method utilises video camera technology to successfully detect in-line drain and sewage problems.

An infrared camera is usually inserted into a line at a toilet drain, existing cleanout, or roof vent. It can pinpoint the exact location of breaks, corroded pipes, obstructions, and other issues.

It is possible to detect a minor issue with a video camera pipe check and address it before sewage repair services are required.

You may be looking at a cost of $250 – $1175 to complete this service.

4.Ground Microphones

Acoustic ground microphones are used to detect and enhance noise produced by leaks in pressurized pipes.

They’re an important piece of equipment for any plumber or leak detection team, and they’re used to quickly locate the exact position of suspected leaks.

5.Acoustic Sound Amplifiers

This apparatus detects the vibrations associated with leaks in pressurized pipes; it is essentially listening for leaks.

Acoustic microphones are used to detect and enhance noise produced by leaks in pressurized pipelines so that the plumber or handy DIYer can locate it.

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How to Choose a Leak Detection Company

There are some key factors to look for when choosing a leak detection company.

How Experienced is the Team?

Choosing an experienced team that knows what they are doing is vital. You are looking for a crew that has come across a multitude of issues in the past and know the industry inside out.

These professionals should be available 24/7 as you never know when a leak may occur.

Is the Company Reliable and Trustworthy?

It is of utmost importance the company has a stellar track record with satisfied positive reviews from previous clients.

A reliable, professional and responsive company is who you want to go with.

Do They Have Top Range Equipment?

If you are going to be paying top dollar for a top service you want to make sure the tools and equipment they are using for the job is up to standard.

If not, it’s best to look elsewhere for better equipped professionals for the job.

Can You Hire a Plumber to Detect a Leak?

In short, yes plumbers can be hired for most easy to access leaks. Any professional plumber should be capable of locating a leak for you if you hire their services.

It is important to clarify the plumber has the necessary tools, equipment and knowledge to locate the leak before proceeding any further with them.

Plumbers with these can more accurately and quickly find the source of leaks for you.

Average labour costs of a plumber to complete these services ranges from $45-$200 an hour.

Water Leak Detection Equipment Prices

So, how much does water leak equipment cost you may ask? It’s not a one size fits all answer, prices tend to vary greatly.

You can expect to start at $60-$80 at the absolute lower end of the scale or spend up to thousands on professional-grade equipment.

It really is up to you and the amount of work you intend to do with the leak detection equipment.

We can only give you general estimates but it will at least give you a start in understanding what prices you should expect when purchasing or hiring equipment.

It is always recommended to shop around and do your own research to find the best possible price in your area.

If you are looking to hire water detection equipment expect the following;

  • Ground microphone $160~/week
  • Smoke system $130~/week
  • Thermal imaging camera $200~/week

On the other hand if you are looking to invest in purchasing equipment so you will always have it at hand if necessary expect to pay a bit more

  • Ground Microphone $950+
  • Smoke System $350 – $900
  • Thermal imaging camera $600+

Why is it so Important to Find a Leak Fast?

There are a number of reasons a leak must be sourced and dealt with promptly. The most pressing are the damage and cost even a minor leak may cause over time if left unnoticed and untreated.

Problems Untreated Leaks Cause

Besides a major headache untreated leaks can cause serious damage to your house leading to costly repairs.

Some of the most common issues that arise from untreated leaks include;

Mold/Mildew Damage

Damp or wet areas left by slow leaks in your house make a perfect fertile breeding ground for Mold and Mildew. Mold and Mildew will grow and spread rapidly under such conditions.

This causes damage to the appearance of the house by leaving discoloured walls/tiles.

Not only that but it can go as far as reaping havoc to the inhabitants respiratory systems if left untreated and to progress for long enough.

Structural Damage/ Rot

This should be of utmost immediate concern if you suspect structural damage from a leak in your house.

Depending on the severity of the leak and how long it was left untreated you may be looking at cracking foundations around the walls, loose floors or internal structural wood rot.

These tend to be necessary large repairs with high costs that shouldn’t be avoided due to the compromised safety it causes to the building’s strength.

One of the biggest structural leaks a homeowner may face is known as a slab leak. This is when a pipe in the house’s slab foundation leaks or bursts.

Decreased Water Pressure

An untreated water leak often leads to a substantial drop in water pressure from faucets as a portion of the water flows out of another exit.

Not only can this be frustrating but it also leads to much higher water bills. You are literally pouring money down the drain!

If you suspect you may have a leak in your house it is imperative to detect and manage it as soon as possible to avoid these costly stressful problems.

When to Call a Professional

We never want to discourage anyone from attempting a good DIY task but it is always recommended to seek a professional help if you feel out of your depth with the job.

For Leak detection In a lot of situations, it might be even cheaper/faster to hire a professional than to purchase/hire the equipment necessary.

Not only do they already have the equipment necessary for this they already have years of experience and know what to actually look for.


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