Mold Bomb Foggers – Do they Work & How to Use them Safely

Do you have mold in your home & need a way to get rid of it?

You want to be sure you kill the mold and are seeking a product that can do just that?

A mold bomb fogger might be just for you!

They are designed to cover places that are hard to get to and will kill mold spores and stop them from spreading.

Mold Bomb Foggers come in an aerosol can as a spray, or as a solution that can be added to a fogging machine that you can use to kill mold.

They are also fairly good for removing the mold smell from your Home.

Once released, the substance creates a fog and spreads over a wide area.

Once sprayed, the substance gets into the air and covers the mold. There are different types designed for different areas based on your needs.

For example, you can buy a handheld one that you can pick up and bring with you to use in different areas or one you can put down, open up and then leave.

Whichever one you choose, follow the instructions and pay careful attention to whether it says it will cover and trap the mold or kill it.

Different ones produce different results, be sure to read on to learn how to use one & get a mold bomb fogger that works best for your needs.

How Effective Are Mold Bomb Foggers?

Mold bomb foggers will work as they are intended – kill mold or cover it.

Many are effective with just one application.

Once in the air, the substance attaches to bacteria, toxins and mold spores, killing it and/or covering them.

If mold is in multiple rooms, then you need more than one fogger.

While a mold bomb fogger can be used in any area of a home, they are extremely effective for crawl spaces, bathrooms, attics and basements.

However they will not eliminate the source of the problem or remove mold that is actively growing.

In order to completely prevent and get rid of mold, you must remove the water or moisture, dry the area and take steps to make sure it won’t come back.

It is important to treat the source first by cleaning the area before using a mold bomb fogger. This will help prevent future mold growth and ensure that when you use a fogger, it will do its job.

They are one part of the process but not the whole process.

Besides killing mold, it will kill other bacteria in the air which helps keep your home clean and free of harmful substances you can’t see or smell.

Best Places & Situations To Use A Mold Bomb Fogger

The majority of mold cannot be seen. It is microscopic, in walls and other places too tough for an individual to get to.

This is where a mold bomb fogger comes in. It can be used to reach these inaccessible areas.

If you see mold in certain places, there’s more nearby that the fogger can destroy.

For these reasons and more, they are very useful in the following places:

Basement/Crawl spaces

Mold grows more in dark places which is why basements and crawl spaces are prone to it. Between that and moisture, these areas can be havens for mold.

You can use a mold bomb fogger in order to cover the whole basement or if mold is located in your crawl space.

They are effective at covering large areas so this is a good option.

Another reason to use one is that it can reach areas tough for you to get near.

It can cover corners and anywhere in the basement or crawl space that is otherwise inaccessible.

Additionally, you can use it as a preventive measure and don’t need to wait until you have mold.

The strong chemicals in the fogger will help clean, dry and sanitize the area and should stop mold from forming.


Besides being another dark place, there are plenty of nooks, crannies and joists that make it hard for someone to reach.

This is where a mold bomb fogger can really help by destroying mold in these areas.

With many attics having poor insulation, mold can easily develop.

Using the fogger can be beneficial since the substance emitted from the spray can cover the whole attic and get into any cracks or small openings where mold might be.

AC ducts

Since it’s tough for someone to access and clean an AC duct, mold bomb foggers are a great choice for AC Ducts.

The spray easily goes right into the duct and kills any mold.

While you may not realize it, these ducts are a common place for mold to grow given the condensation buildup from running an air conditioner.

Rather than struggling to physically clean and remove the mold from inside the ducts, you can spray the fogger and get rid of it that way.

This makes the process much simpler, easier, less stressful and less physically-demanding.


Using a mold bomb fogger in a bathroom can be very effective.

It can quickly cover the whole area and get into places tough to reach such as the ceiling and behind the toilet.

Remember if there’s some mold on the walls or shower floor, there is more you can’t see.

Given the propensity for mold to grow in bathrooms due to the constant use of water, a fogger is ideal for this location.

Are Mold Bomb Foggers Safe To Use?

For the most part, they are safe.

It is extremely important to follow the instructions and use as directed.

The foggers contain strong chemicals designed to kill mold and if precautions aren’t followed, risk increases.

To help keep yourself safe, wear gloves, goggles and a mask when using.

Different ones offer different protections and ingredients, so read the label carefully.

You can check to see if the one you want is pet- and kid-friendly and if it’s safe to get on items in the house such as furniture or toys.

You can also find one that is non-toxic or one that is EPA-registered.

Dangers of Mold Bomb Foggers

There are several risks to be aware of when using a fogger.

Keep in mind that it emits strong chemicals and you can get exposed to them.

This can be harmful, as you don’t want to breathe in the substance or have it get on your body.

Here are some Precautions:

  • Notify others, make sure no one else is around or goes into the area where the fog is being used
  • Don’t spray near a heat source or ignition button. This can cause an explosion.
  • Don’t stay in the home once you spray
  • Using more than one fogger per room is dangerous and can cause unnecessary exposure for you, harming yourself and your house
  • Avoid using foggers in small, enclosed spaces such as closets or cabinets. This can cause an explosion.

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How to use a Mold Bomb Fogger

The most important thing you can do is follow the instructions of the exact product you purchased.

This will ensure you adhere to safety precautions and set it off without harmful consequences.

There are general guidelines, though, and this section will help you no matter which one you decide to use.

1. Remove Items you don’t want affected

Clear the room of any items you don’t want the mist to cover – furniture, toys, papers, electronics.

The substance will make the area wet, so it’s better to take the extra time and precaution to rid the room of these items so that they don’t get damaged.

2. Put On Protective Gear

Mask, goggles, gloves and protection for your clothing are important so that you reduce injury risk and exposure to the substance that the fogger releases.

The chemicals are strong and you want to protect yourself when using.

3. Prepare the Fogger

Fill the fogger with the chemical solution.

Some you can put in without adding anything else while others require a small amount mixed with water, so check the fogging product carefully and follow the directions.

It is recommended to do this step outside or over a bathroom sink so that you don’t spill it in places it’s not intended to go.

The next step is to adjust the mist setting. How do you know what to set it on?

You can check the instructions or experiment outside to see how strong the substance comes out.

It might be better to set it on a low one because this will reduce risk and damage to your home.

If using the fogger in the basement near your water heater, it might be a good idea to turn that off.

Also, cover any smoke detectors because the substance could set those off.

If using a stationary fogger, one you can set it to the desired time which doesn’t need to be too long – 5-7 minutes.

Place the fogger in the best spot so it can cover as much of the room as possible.

In general, one fogger per room is all you need.

The EPA points out that a 6-ounce fogger can cover a 25 ft. x 25 ft. room.

4. Start spraying

At this point you are ready to turn it on. With a stationary fogger, once you turn it on, walk away and make sure no one enters this area while it’s in use.

If using one you hold and spray, start spraying the whole area when ready.

Make sure you get any air vents, walls, ceilings and floors.

There are other types that come in a can.

With these, the process is straightforward – put the can in the center of the room, open it and press the button until the substance starts coming out (more specifics should be listed on the can, so read all instructions carefully).

Then, you can follow the same process – leave and make sure no one enters.

Once complete, you should stay out of the area for 2-4 hours to allow the mist to dry and to protect yourself. If there are windows, open those to help air out the room.

How To Choose The Right Fogger

This can depend on how big an area you need to cover.

Handheld ones with less power are better for smaller areas and less distance while stationary, higher-powered ones cover bigger rooms like a basement or entire crawl space.

This will also prevent you from walking around a large area if using a handheld one.

The bigger ones can reach areas further away allowing them to cover more distance.

Whichever one you are interested in getting, it will tell you how large an area it covers, how much solution it can hold and where it is most suitable for. Follow this information to choose the best one for your needs.

Mold Bomb foggers are widely available at hardware stores, big box stores and many places online.

Here is a list of some places that sell mold foggers:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • The Home Depot
  • Lowe’s

How Much Does It Cost To Fog A House For Mold

If you decide to hire a professional to do this work, the cost can vary based on how big the house is, how much of an area is needed to cover and the type of chemical that is used.

A smaller area can be hundreds of dollars but when this is needed over an entire house, it can run into the thousands of dollars.

To get more specific, many companies charge by the square foot.

For a small area, total price can range from $300-$600 for a whole house,  however, the price can creep up to $2,000-$5,000 depending on the size of your house and what else needs to be done besides fogging.

When To Call A Professional

If the mold is throughout your house, it’s going to be extremely difficult to remove yourself.

This is when you want to use a professional. They are licensed, experienced and can advise on the best course of action.

They also are familiar with using a mold bomb fogger and unlike you, have use it many times before.

While it might cost more, hiring a professional could be the best course of action when you have a lot of mold in different areas to make sure it’s properly and safely removed.


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